Discover how to Feng Shiu your home and life

( When many people decide that they want to redecorate their home the first thing they say is that they want to learn how to feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese phrase that translates into “wind” and “water.’  These two terms were always important to the Chinese as they felt that clear water along with a gentle wind would bring about good health and a good harvest.  So to them feng shui was very necessary as it brought about what was important to them in life.

How to feng shui isn’t actually very difficult.  What basically needs to happen is for your home to have a flow to it that is as calming as a gentle wind.  In other words, your home needs to bring an inner calm when you first open the door.  To walk in the door at the end of the day and try to only look at the floor is not a good sign.  Unless of course you just really like your carpet.  But if you walk in your door and let out a sigh and think to yourself, “ah, I’m home,” odds are that you already have a good start to feng shui.

Many people know how to feng shui their homes, they just didn’t realize it.  There are homes that I walk into and feel at peace.  Just the way their furniture is placed and the way I feel when I sit in it can make a huge difference on whether I’ll want to stay very long or not.  If you walk in and feel uncomfortable their home doesn’t have enough feng shui.

There are several different ways that you can learn how to feng shui.  Many places offer online classes that you can take that will show you everything you need to know.  But if books are more your style to learn anything then you will be happy with the assortments that will teach you how to feng shui.  Bookstores have shelves lined with books that will show you how to feng shui and every other thing you need to know about the process.  They will cover what you will need to feng shui your own home but also cover how to help someone else feng shui their own home.

Feng shui isn’t something that solely covers your home.  Several people will learn how to feng shui their life once they have started on their home.  To feng shui is to arrange things so that they bring peace.  So to accomplish feng shui in your life as well as your home, you will have to work on bringing about that same concept.  If there are things that you can work on in your personal life that will makes things flow smoother, work to change them.  Only you can know what will truly make you happy and so only you can know what will need to be changed.  Some things are an easy fix while others might seem like they are just impossible.

Just remember that the mountains weren’t formed in just one day.  Everything that is worth anything can take time including feng shui.  That’s what makes us appreciate it so much more.

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