Does holistic living discourage material riches?

( The spiritual conflict faced by many who practice metaphysics and/or holistic living has always centered on whether or not one can be rich and spiritual at the same time. So, many people have asked: “Does spirituality discourage the experience of material riches?” The answer to this takes us on much deeper levels.

First, you can do more good with wealth and abundance than you can without it. However, the true beauty of life lies in living with balance. The balance is making sure that your spiritual development exceeds your material riches. Being rich is not a bad thing, but being rich without knowledge of our true self can be dangerous and destructive.

Furthermore, when living a holistic lifestyle with material riches, one should strongly consider that his or her trust does not lie in that which is material. Material riches are a provision of the universe to add joy to our lives. If one’s material riches are not adding joy to life, but stress, then this is not holistic living.

If one’s material riches are hurting others and the planet on which we live, then this is not holistic living.

Holistic living does not discourage material riches, but holistic living requires that we evaluate what is rich or valuable. That which is rich and valuable to a holistic lifestyle adds substance, aesthetics, and beauty without harm. Moreover, that which is rich in a holistic lifestyle has purpose and intent. For example, if one eats organic foods, organic foods are much more expensive than conventional foods.

Organic food markets cater to more opulent lifestyles. Another example is aromatherapy products, to support a specific energy for your home. Authentic essential oils for aromatherapy are much more expensive than a can of house-spray. While these things are very much an example of material (physical) riches, they are still very much a part of the holistic lifestyle. They also have purpose and intent.

Over the years, there has been much opposition about material riches among those who live holistic lifestyles, yet the fact remains that material means “the matter of energy” or a physical manifestation. “Material” is simply the materialization of energy.

Many things can be material. Food can be material. Money to take trips or expeditions is material. Solar panels are material. Bio-energy cars are material. And among all these things is the energy of opulence and affluence.

So for those who still argue the point that Holistic living discourages material riches, think again.It is not a contest.

One is not more spiritual because he or she has less material riches. Even acres and acres of beautiful land are material.He or she who has many acres of beautiful land has material riches.Image aside, holistic living is about living life with peace, joy, wellness, wisdom, empowering relationships, wealth, love, and yes, material riches.

Holistic living is also about doing everything you can to spread goodness. Again, you can do far more good with material riches than without.

By Carmellita Brown,

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