Creativity and original thinking: Act like a child

( People that believe they are not creative simply don’t understand what creativity is. Here I’d like to make the point that you are never too old to be creative. The problem is as we grow older, we lose our childlike creativity.

From infancy through the start of school we are generally thinking ‘why not?’ Anything is possible. From school age to adolescence, children are subject to a lot of rules and direction from adults. After middle school age we generally remain in a ‘because’ state of mind. We lose our childlike sense of wonderment and curiosity. Teenagers tend to either follow the rules well and excel within the system or they tend to rebel and find ways to thwart rules and directions.

As we grow older, we become more concerned with what others think of us. It is not as attractive to be considered different or strange. As adults, most of us resolve to live a life of coloring inside the lines. At work, we worry about remaining confined to policies and procedures. Our personal lives are often nonexistent or incredibly structured or routine. It would seem creativity has no place in adult life. Contrary to popular belief, being creative can make adult life even better. Increased creativity aids in problem solving and leads to discovering new interests, hobbies, and activities.

Children are very creative because they are always asking questions and are open to viewing the world from many viewpoints: the superhero, the prince or princess, the clown, etc. They are always thinking about the stories behind things or how to use ordinary things differently. Think about it, don’t children often make drums out of household items that we’ve never thought of using for anything other than its primary function? Children make up characters and personalities and have a great time doing it. If you want to be more creative as an adult, bring back some of those childlike qualities. There are some fun activities you can do to truly bring back that childlike creative spirit.

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Make your own greeting cards for a day that isn’t a holiday. Yes…even guys can do this! Think of how impressed your girlfriend would be with a handmade card…wow! You could make a card to celebrate a specific season like summer or fall. The occasion, or lack thereof, is purely your choice. The unexpected gift could make anyone want to reach out to you. Creative individuals surround themselves with diverse people and engage in some unpredictable activities…go for it.

Write your own story: this activity is in line with the Law of Attraction. Take a moment to yourself without distractions or interruptions and think about the life you truly desire to live. Be specific. Know the details and be as vivid as possible with your description. Write at least 1,000 words. Even illustrate your story. Do not worry if your drawings are only stick figures, but you can cut out pictures form magazines. You might as well start your creative journey with the design of your life.

Do not be afraid to be different. Be the unique individual that you were born to be. Urge yourself and others to “think outside of the box.” I realize it sounds like a cliche however you want to say it: be out-of-the-ordinary, it’s OK.

Being an adult does not have to mean being uncreative and following the herd. In fact, it should be quite the contrary in order to live your best life. Remembering your childlike sense of wonder will help enhance your creative abilities. Sample something different and new. Be willing to be different and open to diversity. The results could be truly amazing.

By Lucretia Torva,

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