How to Control Your Dreams – Discover the Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

( Lucid dreams are a wonderful and unique way to control your mind at night or whenever it is that you sleep. Many people suffer from nightmares and lose sleep because of them and for those people you might want to know how to control your dreams.  There are actually ways that you can do that so that you have control over the dreams that you have.

People who have taken the time to jot down their dream will realize that they can only recall a few of them, the reason being that in reality a person will have several dreams per night and so you can only remember some of them, the ones that stand out to your more.  Most often dreams will occur when people enter REM sleep mode which takes place about ninety minutes after falling asleep.

Dreams generally occur in ninety minute cycles and so the best way to jot down your dreams would be to set your alarm to go off every ninety minutes.  That way your dreams will be vivid in your mind and you can more easily recall them.

It is best to maintain your dream journal until you are able to constantly recall at least four or five dreams every single night.  Each time you are in a state of lucid dreaming there will be things that might occur that cannot actually happen when in your real life.  Once you discover the things that are not real you will be able to control them in your dreams.  In your journal, make a note of the things that are different from reality.

Things such as in your dream you might try floating and it can actually happen.  In your lucid dream that will work, but if tried in real life, you’d land flat.  Making note of things such as that are interesting and can help you to control what you have to happen in your dreams.

Even though it can be hard to learn how to control your dreams it is something that can be a lot of fun and very interesting to master.  For some this process could be super-fast or for some it could be super slow.  The results achieved will vary from person to person and you need to realize that before you give up.  You might be able to control something as subtle as the color of the flower in your dream or maybe the color of the backdrop but still, those are things that you have taken control over.  Once you have learned how to control them you will be well on your way to being able to control your own dreams.

How to control your dreams is something that isn’t terribly difficult to do but the road to mastering it can at times be a trying process.  Although it may seem difficult or at times impossible, one you learn this technique you will be able to create dreams that can hold everything you ever wanted to be able to do in your life.

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