Mind Body Science News /mindbodyscience Natural Health News & Self-Reliance Fri, 13 Jan 2017 23:16:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.2 Yoga can alter DNA in humans /mindbodyscience/2017-01-09-yoga-can-alter-dna-in-humans.html /mindbodyscience/2017-01-09-yoga-can-alter-dna-in-humans.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Yoga is renowned for its positive effects on human health. It’s a great stress-reliever, and there are tons of options for how you want to do your yoga. It can be done at home on your own time, in your own space — or you take classes just about anywhere.

Yoga is more than just a trend, though. It provides real-life benefits to your body, and in a variety of ways that continue to be uncovered. For example, a 2011 study led by researchers from York University found that yoga helps to reduce stress hormones and helps to relieve the physical and psychological symptoms of chronic pain in women with fibromyalgia.

More recent research has revealed that yoga’s body benefits may reach even further than that. A study from Harvard University found that practicing yoga can impart a positive change on metabolic function at a cellular level. This in turn can improve things like nutrient absorption, and may assist in the prevention of chronic diseases. The results showed that overall, practicing yoga promoted better cell function across the board.

For the study, researchers utilized two groups of participants: one group that practiced yoga and mindfulness exercises, and a group that did not partake in either activity. After an eight week trial period, the scientists took blood samples from both groups. They then discovered that the yoga group exhibited changes to 2,209 genes, suggesting quite a profound effect. Of these, 1,275 were changes that led to genes being up-regulated (meaning activity increased), and 934 instances in which the changes resulted in genes that were down-regulated (meaningactivity decreased).

Writing for Fox News, Chris Kilham notes that in addition to cell metabolism, many of the changes that took place in the DNA resulted in an increased resistance to oxidative stress. Kilham writes, “Oxidative stress is associated with numerous degenerative disorders, including cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and more. Improved resistance to oxidative stress translates into better health overall, with reduced risk of chronic disease.”

Another study, led by researchers from the University of Calgary, found that yoga can also be a very helpful tool when it comes to cancer recovery. For the study, researchers had a group of breast cancer survivors participate in weekly yoga and mediation classes, and the participants also practiced these techniques at home. A control group that did not partake in these events was also featured in the study. Blood samples from both groups were taken at baseline and again when the study period ended, after twelve weeks.

The scientists found that the study participants who practiced the yoga and meditation exercises showcased longer telomere lengths than those seen in the control group. Longer telomere length is often associated with better post-cancer survival rates, according to many cancer specialists. This suggests that yoga can play a valuable role in cancer recovery.

In addition to providing new insights on the health effects of yoga, these studies also seem to support the widely repeated claim that yoga can improve your health and extend your lifespan.

Yoga has many other health benefits

There are many other documented health benefits to be had, if you choose to practice yoga. For example, yoga can provide a number of cardiac benefits. In addition to reducing stress, it has also been found to help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. Some studies have also found that just doing yoga can help to improve your blood lipid profiles, in both healthy people and people with known coronary artery disease. Yoga has also been shown to help lower high blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Practicing yoga can also help bolster weight loss and weight maintenance efforts. Besides the obvious benefits of exercise, some studies indicate that people who practice yoga tend to be more mindful eaters. Researchers found that practicing yoga just once a week for 30 minutes for at least four years gained less weight in middle-adulthood. They also found that people who were overweight actually lost weight. The research team attributed these benefits to mindfulness, which can help improve your relationship with your body, weight and food.

And of course, like any exercise, yoga too can help to increase your overall physical fitness, including strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory capacity.





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Kacper Postawski joins Health Ranger for “tell-all” interview about Adya Clarity irresponsible marketing, clinical trial mistakes, lessons learned and better ways to help humanity heal /mindbodyscience/2017-01-08-kacper-postawski-joins-health-ranger-tell-all-interview-adya-clarity-irresponsible-marketing-clinical-trial-faked-lessons-learned.html /mindbodyscience/2017-01-08-kacper-postawski-joins-health-ranger-tell-all-interview-adya-clarity-irresponsible-marketing-clinical-trial-faked-lessons-learned.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A few years ago, I publicly exposed the marketing fraud behind a product called “Adya Clarity,” a collection of inorganic minerals mined out of the ground and dissolved in acid and water to be sold as a dietary supplement. Its promoters loudly proclaimed the product was able to remove heavy metals from the body. It was very aggressively promoted by a huge number of gurus, “raw food” people and dietary supplement marketers. Tens of thousands of consumers were ultimately fooled by the claims, and Natural News led the way in halting the deceptive marketing of this product.

As I unveiled at the time, Adya Clarity contained high aluminum (about 1,200 ppm) and was deceptively marketed, deceptively labeled and promoted with highly deceptive claims that I knew to be completely bogus. (Since then, I built a state-of-the-art forensic science laboratory and achieved ISO 17025 lab accreditation for it. You can see my lab at CWClabs.com.)

In response to my public warnings, the Adya Clarity company went to war with Natural News, and they eventually funded what they believed was a legitimate clinical trial which, for years, was cited as “proof” that Adya Clarity worked as was claimed. This “proof” was used to continue promoting Adya Clarity across the ‘net, through various webinars.

Adya Clarity former marketer Kacper Postawski is now able to go public with the revelation that the clinical trial was eventually discovered to be completely fraudulent (and that he and Adya got scammed by the clinical trial company). The company conducting the trial — Fenestra Research Labs — was really just a collection of scam artists who ripped off the Adya Clarity company and produced nothing but fictional trial data. I was personally instrumental in helping the Adya Clarity company discover this by asking intelligent scientific questions of the clinical trial company. Kacper worked with me to ask those questions which immediately exposed the clinical trial company fraud.

For your amusement, a copy of the preliminary clinical trial report from Fenestra Research Labs — a fraudulent clinical trial organization — is available at this link on Natural News.

The Fenestra Research Labs website, incidentally, is still full of crazy typos all over its home page, including “Saftey and Effective Studies can support your marketing claims!” and “Humasn clinical trials” and “A saftery and Effectiveness Study on your product can open new marketing streams and ensure client health!”

Today, many years after all this happened, Kacper Postawski reached out to me to put together an effort to help set the record straight on what happened, to learn from the mistakes that were made, and to move forward with an intention of healing and integrity. I invited him to conduct a “tell-all” video interview, where we would discuss the Adya Clarity story, including the marketing claims, the faked clinical trial, and the lessons learned for moving forward in the future.

That video interview, which is slightly edited for brevity and clarity, is now posted on YouTube at this link (or watch it below). In this video, Kacper Postawski and I cover:

* How Adya Clarity was deceptively and irresponsibly marketed by dietary supplement companies.

* How Adya Clarity generated $5.5 million in sales from a deceptive webinar marketing strategy.

* Details on the Adya war with Natural News, and how Mike Adams effectively halted most sales of Adya nationwide.

* How Kacper Postawski had positive intentions, but was deceived by a clinical trial company.

* Details on how the clinical trials were faked by a scamming company that charged Adya Clarity over $50,000.

* Why strong marketing claims for non-food-based dietary supplements must be backed by solid evidence, not wishful thinking.

* How the pharmaceutical industry also fakes clinical trials.

* The placebo effect and the nature of positive customer testimonials.

* Why consciousness alone can’t save you from toxic elements in food or water.

* Details of an upcoming science investigation by Natural News that will call for the criminal arrest of an Indian “consciousness” guru who is poisoning people with mercury pills.

* Kacper’s interest in over-unity energy devices and his plans for helping uplift consciousness around the world.

* Links to Kacper’s website and documentary film project. KacperPostawski.com and QuantumLeap.is

Partial transcript from the interview

Note: This transcript is paraphrased or edited in many places for clarity and brevity, but the original intention of the words remains intact. To hear the full interview, word for word, watch the video above

Kacper Postawski: “The way that this was marketed wasn’t very responsible… it was irresponsible… I didn’t have the filters in me, which I do now… to be able to make decisions better.”

There were a lot of claims being made. It was very aggressively promoted. The [webinar] did very well as a promotion. To be fully transparent, we sold $5.5 million worth of product… we had money, happy clients, people saying they had good results…

You’ve got to get your facts straight. You have to be in integrity because there are a lot of people exposed to this.

Mike Adams: People wanted Natural News to promote it, so I started investigating… I do a lot of due diligence before I would support anything. First, I did a heavy metals test on the product and I found it had very high aluminum, and I saw aluminum wasn’t listed on the label [like the other elements were]. The product was mostly an iron supplement. It was really a flocculent, which you can buy as a pool cleaning product.

I saw it as something that was being dishonestly labeled and dishonestly promoted, and I saw there was no clinical evidence that metals were being removed from the body. I had a call with Matt Bakos and the red flags went up for me because he was talking pseudoscience… I raised the alarm, I went out with a warning, and some people selling the product issued voluntary “recalls,” and this is when the war began.

Bakos began impersonating online personalities to attack me while I was trying to warn people not to take this product.

Kacper Postawski: I’m here to take responsibility for everybody who ever marketed Adya Clarity. Some high profile health personalities. I think only a few people issued refunds. I’m here to take responsibility for all of us collectively in this marketplace who misrepresented the product by making claims which were unsubstantiated at that time. We have strong reasons to believe that some of them may be true, but at this time there isn’t any really solid medical science to prove… so I want to take responsibility because that wasn’t right.

I didn’t come from intentions of wanting to lie to people, or to mislead people, but I honestly believed that this was true, but it turned it to be either not true or perhaps not yet proven. It may take all these things out of the water, but to say that it takes out of the body without having really solid proof that you can claim wasn’t right at the time. And the proof that Adya Clarity and Matt Bakos did have at the time were… a few odd little private blood tests from certain users, which most of them weren’t made public… so just based on that to spring up a multi-million dollar advertising campaign was pretty flimsy, and that’s where you stepped in.

Back then, I was a 25, 26 year old kid and I was really quite confused, Mike you were my hero, I was like, “Wow, Mike is the last one on Earth who should be against this…” I was kind of going through a dark night of the soul. But looking back on it now I can see you did the right thing. And it taught me a lot… what really integrity means, and looking with a global scope and global reach… what’s really necessary in terms of science and proof… there’s a right way of doing things…

Mike Adams: Your intention has always been positive. You’ve always wanted to help people heal… but intention alone is not enough, especially when we’re talking about a dietary supplement that’s not food.

One of the things that was a red flag to me about Adya Clarity was that it was not a food. It was metals, minerals, inorganic elements dissolved in acid… this was not food. So anytime we’re dealing with something that isn’t food… vaccines, pharmaceuticals, miracle supplement, if it’s not food, the required level of proof and evidence is so much higher because it’s not something that we have traditionally consumed as a civilization.

Kacper Postawski: My intention was to do good in the world… my view is that [Adya Clarity] is a fantastic product, I believe it does what the claims actually said… that’s my wishful belief and what I’ve seen in my own body… my team said “We gotta fight.”

We decided to push against it… start a war… so we took another webinar out, we stripped out the health claims… it didn’t do us good, but we got the business rolling again, and we started Water Liberty, talking about things that could affect water. It starting doing okay but not great… we saved enough cash and said what do we have to do to prove that this works? Let’s get a clinical trial.

So we found a clinical trial company, and the long and short is that we got scammed. And you helped me see that in the end.

Mike Adams: I remember you came to me and said Mike can you help us interpret and analyze this clinical trial, and I said yes… and it was fascinating.

Kacper Postawski: It was really expensive… I think… over $50,000, it may have gone up to $90K, it was the classic con, like, “You’ve got these stats, if you pay us a little more, and extend this study, we’ll really prove that this works, we’ll get even better numbers…” All the warning signs were there, we were getting so scammed, but I was just too young and too naive to see it. We would never visit them in the right office, it was the weirdest circumstance…

Then you asked me hey, just call them up and ask for proof, if you get anything but stonewalled, that this actually happened, you know where you stand.

So we called them up… and not only did we get stonewalled, we got violently stonewalled, it was like… this kind of response of calling us idiots and fools. So what do we do now? Do we go to war and sue these people? It was a total disaster. By this time we had already published this study on the website… we thought we were so cool, yeah we’re getting studies out there, we can be globally recognized.

Mike Adams: I remember some people in the Adya Clarity camp were attacking me, saying they had a clinical trial, saying it’s proof. I think I wrote 15 or 20 questions for you to ask the clinical trial company, questions like, what instrument are you using for the elemental analysis…

Kacper Postawski: We didn’t even get there, we asked can you maybe show us anything at all? “Oh those records are in an underground computer somewhere where we can’t access them, it’s gonna take us six months to get them…” What I learned from that is that anybody in this industry, the FDA is corrupt, the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt, what do clinical trials even mean, they’re all fake anyway. This company is the same company others would use…

Mike Adams: The pharmaceutical industry also fakes clinical trials. The difference is their fakery is far more sophisticated. They produce fake data sets, they have fake documentation, but the company that you went with that you got scammed by, I recall they analyzed heavy metals levels in blood plasma by using muscle testing. I have a mass spec instrument, muscle testing is not a quantitative analysis method. I’m glad that you saw that, I’m glad the red flags went off. What was going through your mind?

Kacper Postawski: …I started really backing away from the company… Since then I’ve been doing a lot of work personally, completely changing the focus of my life… what I learned is that anybody can stand at the top of the tower and say I’ve got the solution for Parkinson’s, and that guy can always be argued with, that can be a corporation, or a random guy setting up a company online. You can always argue with someone who’s making claims. But no one can argue with a public investigation, and that’s very much what you’ve been leading to with Natural News, bringing truth to the public.

…we had over 20,000 clients, we’ve had incredible success cases with the product. I know that many of the claims were unsubstantiated… even the clinical trial… we know that it’s not real. What I would like to end this interview with, is where do we go from here? What should the people who are currently using the product be thinking about their own health?

I personally love the product. I do believe that it does these things to the body… but I don’t believe it was marketed responsibly. I believe there could have been a much more level headed approach… and in hindsight, we looked at what it would have cost to do a real clinical study… it would have been less than what we paid.

Mike Adams: …your company could have sold a placebo and you would have received an enormous number of testimonials with positive results. Placebo may be the most powerful phenomenon in modern medicine… placebo is effective in about one-third of the cases of everything… cancer patients, diabetes, heart disease. A lot of people don’t believe in placebo, and they believe medicine has to be toxic in order to work, and what they’ve found in antidepressant drug trials is that people don’t believe the drug is working until they start to feel toxic side effects. Then they convince themselves they have the real drug, then they kick in their own placebo effect to make the drug “work” better. People have been trained that side effects means they got the real drug.

Kacper Postawski: Truth changes depending on the level of consciousness you’re bringing to it… there’s really nothing here but consciousness… the placebo effect is absolutely huge. Where I want to be is exploring consciousness as a healing tool. …Thought creates reality.

Mike Adams: At a level, I understand what you’re saying, but I do want to go back to something, I agree that consciousness is really the course of ultimate healing for humanity… but we have to remember, this is where the science side kicks in, that we exist as non-material conscious beings but inhabiting material physiological bodies, and we have to take care of both parts of that existence.

Here’s where I challenge other people on this. I might see people order shrimp for lunch, and they’ll ask me a question like, “Are shrimp clean? Or will I find heavy metals?” I tell them normally something out of the ocean you’re going to find arsenic and mercury. And sometimes they will tell me, they will say “I’m going to pray over this food and have positive intention and nullify the mercury” and I tell them, “That doesn’t work. You can have all the prayer you want, buddy, but you’re still eating mercury. You need to be smart about what you’re putting in your body…” you can’t pray your way out of eating poison.

We are about to expose an Indian guru, he runs around the USA with seminars about consciousness healing, and he prescribes these custom made pills to people… a reader who was taking these pills, she would vomit every time she took them, she send us her pills. We ran them in my lab on the ICP-MS. We were absolutely shocked. The mercury we found in the pills was so off the charts, we had to recalibrate our instrument. 1,200 ppm mercury. No one knows about this. We’re going to expose this, and we’re going to call for criminal investigations.

And it’s by a guy who preaches consciousness… his philosophy is that poison cures poison, so it’s sort of like… this guy thinks you should eat mercury to heal from mercury. We all have to be very cautious about those kinds of warped philosophies that will invoke the words of consciousness but they’re actually poisoning you.

Kacper Postawski: There are a lot of reality checks happening out there right now… the reality we believe is about to burst… up until that burst, a lot of people have resistance, because the ego hates to be wrong, you either grow or you implode… with that said, I don’t believe it’s all mind over matter, it’s the middle path, it’s consciousness and the material body. You can talk about consciousness all day long to someone eating Burger King, and they just don’t get it.

Mike Adams: I haven’t met anybody who can levitate. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about teleporting in astral bodies, but I’ve never seen somebody who could take mercury and turn it into zinc. If you show me that person, I have a business model for that person, it’s called “making gold.”

Let me ask you this, Kacper, you have a big heart, you have a lot of love for humanity, you have an open mind. You’re looking at the big solutions for humanity… can you talk about some of the things you’re involved with or looking toward? Or what’s on your mind about how to help humanity look forward?

Kacper Postawski: I researched a lot about free energy… the solutions to the greatest problems on Earth are out there… Tesla… etc., I thought why aren’t we making these machines? I got really fascinated… I wanted to earn money to invest in these things so we could make these and get them out to the world. They also flew… gravity inversion… he built a way to control the gravity of this machine.

These days I’m stepping back, I’m much more focused on health and consciousness… a friend told me if you keep doing this [free energy] work, you’re going to get a bullet in your head… humanity isn’t ready.

When the consciousness of humanity is ready for these things, they will appear…

Mike Adams: Consciousness is really the answer because once we expand our awareness, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, only then would we be ready for free energy technology. Today, mankind’s consciousness is all about short term greed and gain… we have not found a way to live in harmony with the planet. If free energy existed now, we would destroy the world with it. Humanity’s population would explode, we would kill all of nature, we would commit suicide on a massive scale if we had free energy. I don’t believe humanity is ready for free energy.

Kacper Postawski: …My key passion right now is health, because I think consciousness does come first if we want to change the planet. Unhealthy people are not at the level where they can hold the consciousness that’s necessary. … You talk to them about consciousness and they’re busy just… I’m deeply passionate about helping those people. Making documentaries about solutions that really make a difference out there. I want to find solutions that drastically change the world and get them out to people.

Mike Adams: I want to thank you for reaching out to me, and having the courage to walk this path and share this publicly. It’s really to your credit. I really look forward to the things you’re going to be working on. I want to thank you.

To learn more about Kacper Postawski, check out his website KacperPostawski.com and his new documentary at QuantumLeap.is

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Desk jobs, fast food and the daily grind contribute to middle-aged health crisis /mindbodyscience/2017-01-06-desk-jobs-fast-food-and-the-daily-grind-contribute-to-middle-aged-health-crisis.html /mindbodyscience/2017-01-06-desk-jobs-fast-food-and-the-daily-grind-contribute-to-middle-aged-health-crisis.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Public Health England (PHE) has a mission to inform its citizens that the typical modern lifestyle is ruining health. PHE is part of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. BBC reveals an astounding statistic:

Eight in every 10 people aged 40 to 60 in England are overweight, drink too much or get too little exercise, the government body warns.

PHE wants people to turn over a new leaf in 2017 and make a pledge to get fit.

Health officials say the “sandwich generation” of people caring for children and ageing parents do not take enough time to look after themselves.

We are living longer, but are in poorer health because we store up problems as we age. The campaign’s clinical adviser, Prof Muir Gray, said it was about trying to make people have a different attitude to an “environmental problem”.

“Modern life is dramatically different to even 30 years ago,” Prof Gray told Radio 4’s Today programme. “People now drive to work and sit at work.”

By taking action in mid-life… you can reduce your risk not only of type 2 diabetes, which is a preventable condition, but you can also reduce your risk of dementia and disability and, being a burden to your family,’ he added.

Many people no longer recognise what a healthy body weight looks like, say the officials – and obesity, which greatly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, is increasingly considered normal.

A sedentary lifestyle can be your undoing

Although physical fitness is not the equivalent of overall health, along with a good diet, it is a great start. By now, the health risks to our bodies and minds of getting no exercise have become well established. Adding years to our life expectancy is not desirable if we are talking about extra years as a physical or mental cripple. An alarming thought is that we will increase our risk for mental degradation by being sedentary. But that is what modern research points to.

BBC.com also reports that being unfit in middle years hastens brain deterioration, citing a study that was published in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study found that being unfit at age 40 correlated with a reduced brain volume at age 60, and that the brain shrinkage denotes accelerated brain ageing. 1,583 participants who were free of dementia or heart disease were studied, and then again twenty years later. MRI brain scans were given along with a treadmill test. As quoted in the article, lead researcher Dr Nicole Spartano, of the Boston University School of Medicine opined,

“While not yet studied on a large scale, these results suggest that fitness in middle age may be particularly important for the many millions of people around the world who already have evidence of heart disease.”

To drink or not to drink, that is the question

Moderate alcohol consumption is a strategy employed by some of us as a coping mechanism – alcohol can take the edge off of stress and anxiety. But immoderate alcohol use can cause more problems that it solves – it can interfere with our normal daily functioning, and enable us to ignore issues that need to be addressed. Cutting back on the amount of alcohol consumed can in itself solve problems, not the least of which is our health concerns as we enter our middle years.

Abusing alcohol in our youth can seem to be without consequence, but the partying lifestyle is not sustainable. Our wake-up call may come in the form of failing health in later years, forcing us to confront our poor choices. Is now the time to forge a new path in the new year? Yes! You can ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable in turning a new leaf. You don’t have to go it alone – your loved ones can aid you in remaining firmly resolute. The worst you can do is to beat yourself up for past failures. No matter how many breaths and heartbeats you have left, it is up to you to make the best of it, from this day forward.

Know that willpower is not a commodity of limited availability, to be conserved for emergency use only, but more like a muscle group that responds with additional capacity as you exercise it. You can start small and think big – bad habits can be overcome incrementally. And of course for some people, like alcoholics, diabetics, and pre-diabetics – the only solution is to stop drinking alcohol altogether.




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Woman allergic to WiFi and cell phone signals now permanently housebound /mindbodyscience/2017-01-05-woman-allergic-to-wifi-and-cell-phone-signals-now-permanently-housebound.html /mindbodyscience/2017-01-05-woman-allergic-to-wifi-and-cell-phone-signals-now-permanently-housebound.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A British woman has a case of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EH) so severe that she has had to relocate twice to new parts of the country, and even now cannot leave her house without wearing a shielded bed net.

Kim De’Atta says her condition has been severely socially isolating.

“Most of the time people think I am mad. It is so difficult because people are not feeling it themselves,” she said. “I have not seen friends and family for so long. I have had two visitors for half a day each this year. It’s heart-breaking really.”

Like a laser to the brain

De’Atta is a growing number of what have been dubbed EMF refugees, or people with EH so severe that they are forced to move to increasingly remote areas in search of places not swamped by wireless signals from WiFi, cell phone towers and smart meters.

Although EH is not a diagnosis accepted by mainstream medical science, a growing number of doctors use the term to describe a variety of health conditions connected by greater-than-average sensitivity to electromagnetic fields generated by electric devices. The stronger the signal generated, the stronger people’s reaction tends to be. EH is also known by a number of other names, including electrical sensitivity (ES), microwave or radiation sickness, and EMF injured.

According to the EMF Safety Network, symptoms of EH include headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, nausea, ringing ears, rashes, disruption to memory and concentration, immune dysfunction, heart palpitations, joint pain, facial swelling, eye problems and cancer.

De’Atta’s own symptoms include migraines, fatigue and increased susceptibility to infection. She first became aware of her problem at age 16, when she realized that she felt sick when she sat near televisions. Several years later, she got her first cell phone to be on call while working as an intensive care nurse.

“The first time I put it up to my head it was like a laser going into my brain,” she said.  “Every time I put it up to my head I got the pain.”

“After that I was finding I was getting more and more fatigued and my immune system was getting knocked meaning I was getting infections.”

Trapped in her home

After learning more about EH, De’Atta decided to try moving to Glastonbury, a town with little in the way of cell phone towers or other high-emitters of EMF. But a few years later, a cell phone tower was installed in the town center. She began feeling sick again immediately.

“I now realize my health started to deteriorate from that point and I started to experience migraines, fatigue and infections,” she said.

The problem intensified when a 3G signal was installed to continually blanket the whole town. De’Atta started suffering from breathlessness and heart palpitations.

“My head felt like it was going to implode and explode at the same time,” she said. “I was also getting breathlessness, heart palpitations and lower back pain. I had started to suffer from serious ear aches and was becoming really sensitive to light.”

So she moved again, this time to Chard, Somerset.

A period of intense seclusion followed, in which she had almost no face-to-face contact with her loved ones.

“I had not seen my closest aunt for ten years and she didn’t really understand why,” she said. “We were so close before. I could not bear it anymore and she was 91 at the time. I had to wear my shielded bed net over my head and you can imagine I got some funny looks on the bus.”

“It was so tough for me but I’m pleased I did it because she died the next year and if I hadn’t seen her I would never have forgiven myself.”





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“Machine consciousness” debunked in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger /mindbodyscience/2017-01-02-machine-consciousness-fallacy-health-ranger-documentary-mind-singularity.html /mindbodyscience/2017-01-02-machine-consciousness-fallacy-health-ranger-documentary-mind-singularity.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 To the techno-worshippers, humans will soon become “immortal” because they will be able to “transfer” their consciousness into machines. Or AI systems will become “self aware,” achieving the same mind consciousness that we experience as living, spirit-imbued beings with free will.

Today, I’ve just released a new mini-documentary called The Folly of Machine Consciousness. It reveals why all those who claim machines will attain consciousness are not just wrong, but deeply misguided.

As part of the argument, the documentary also reveals why memory is not physically stored in the brain. Despite their best efforts, the most brilliant doctors, scientists and neurologists of our modern world still cannot find physical “locations” in the brain for memory. The fallacy of biochemical memory is obliterated in this mini-documentary.

Consciousness is not an artifact of complex neurology. It is a self-contained, non-physical layer of existence that interfaces with the physical brain to translate conscious intentions into physical actions in a three dimensional world.

As I explain in the video: You will never find yourself in a machine.

Watch the mini-documentary here (15 minutes duration).


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Man suffering from ALS creates home electronic automation system that uses eye movement and brain waves /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-man-suffering-from-als-creates-home-electronic-automation-system-that-uses-eye-movement-and-brain-waves.html /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-man-suffering-from-als-creates-home-electronic-automation-system-that-uses-eye-movement-and-brain-waves.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, was once considered a death sentence, but advanced automation technology is offering new hope to sufferers of the rare condition.

Most ALS patients eventually face an extremely difficult choice: either die from the lack of ability to breathe once the disease progresses or undergo a tracheostomy and spend the rest of one’s life on a ventilator – unable to move or speak.

Less than 10 percent of ALS patients choose the second option, but one man who suffers from the disease is helping to develop a viable third option: an opportunity to lead a relatively independent and mobile existence with the help of automation technology that can respond to head and eye movements, or even brain waves.

Refusal to accept a death sentence

Steve Saling was a successful landscape architect at a Boston design firm when in 2006, at the age of 38, he was diagnosed with ALS and told that he had three to five years to live.

Determined to prove the doctors wrong and “live another 38 years,” Saling began researching his options to determine the best approach to surviving the currently incurable condition.

From CNN:

“Once Saling concluded he couldn’t stop the progression of his disease, he decided to figure out the best way to live with it. But he soon realized that the options for day-to-day care were far worse than he could have expected.

“He had made friends among other ALS patients online, but when he visited them, many had 24-hour home care or were confined to beds in nursing homes, soiling their own sheets, with extremely limited person-to-person contact.

“Saling was determined to find another option, even if he had to create it himself.”

At an ALS symposium near Boston, Saling met Barry Berman, CEO of the Chelsea Jewish Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing assisted living care for seniors and disabled people.

Berman was in charge of developing new living facilities designed for ALS and multiple sclerosis patients, and he and Saling hit it off from the start.

When Saling moved into one of the foundation’s facilities, Berman soon realized that he should be in charge of designing the automated system for assisting residents with their everyday lives.

“As we got to know Steve’s ability with technology and his knowledge as an architect, it just became a natural progression that he would provide the expertise and knowledge to get all the technology in the house,” he said.

Independence through technology

The automated system Saling designed allows him to lead a nearly autonomous life, relying on eye movement recognition technology that sends wireless signals to automated devices and furnishings such as doors, lights and elevators.

Eye or head movements are recorded as the patient looks at a computer screen to choose various commands for the wireless system to perform. The system can also be controlled by brain waves alone.

In 2010, the foundation opened the Steve Saling ALS Residence in Chelsea, where Saling and several other ALS patients lead relatively normal and independent lives in a place designed to feel like home.

Even patients on ventilators can communicate with others, move around freely in their wheelchairs and go on outings, thanks to applied modern technology and Saling’s vision.

For an intelligent person to be trapped in a helpless body, unable to move or speak, is an almost unimaginably horrifying fate – and one that would be worse than death for most people.

But for Saling and his fellow ALS patients living in the facility, life with the disease is not only endurable, but well worth living.

“I can’t imagine enjoying life more,” he said.




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Holistic doctor continues to be threatened over her alternative treatments – here’s her message to government and Big Pharma /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-holistic-doctor-continues-to-be-threatened-over-her-alternative-treatments-her-message-to-government-and-big-pharma.html /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-holistic-doctor-continues-to-be-threatened-over-her-alternative-treatments-her-message-to-government-and-big-pharma.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The mainstream medical establishment, controlled by big government which is summarily influenced by Big Pharma, continues its war on alternative and holistic medicinal choice, as if Americans were never really supposed to have been granted by our founders the freedom to choose their own forms of treatment.

One holistic provider, Amanda Mary Jewell—an independent English cancer researcher—has a message for the mainstream medical community: Leave us alone.

As reported by Organic and Healthy, Jewell noted that “there is no free speech anymore” and that she is again being threatened, even as other holistic doctors have been “murdered.”

Residing currently in Mexico and treating patients there—she won’t go back to her home country over fears she would be arrested, tried and imprisoned for selling alternative health treatments on her website—Jewell believes that apple and apricot seeds containing B-17 have great nutritional value in restoring health.

For some time now, apricot seeds have been utilized by some holistic practitioners to battle some cancers. But those who do use them believe they have to be discreet and keep their treatments secretive out of fear of being prosecuted.

Why are so many holistic doctors being killed?

At issue is the fact that the seeds contain very strong toxins and, if used improperly, can be very harmful. However, if used and managed appropriately, they can achieve their desired effect, which ought to at least interest cancer sufferers.

The substance that battles cancer cells within the seeds is called amygdalin, or vitamin B-17. Some experts say that the body can react negatively to it, creating a form of cyanide, which is why its use in questioned.

That said, Jewell and her husband, Doug, created a compound known as Miracle Mineral Solution, a compound that British law enforcement officials said contains some industrial bleach, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

But some have said that MMS has been incredibly useful to them.

Nevertheless, though targeted by government health regulators for years, the chlorine dioxide compound is said to be toxic in high doses, but also carries with it the potential to kill cancer cells, fungi and viruses. And despite being its creator, Jewell says she prefers to use other methods, though the compound is still part of her treatment protocol.

For her part, Jewell has lashed out at the medical mainstream, pointing out (correctly) that Big Pharma is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

“I would like to draw your attention to those actually doing harm. You work for the harmaceuticals — …pharmaceuticals do harm hence it’s not a typo, I really do mean harmaceuticals — that kill people daily,” she says in this video. “Your organization stops anyone from getting well.”

In addition, she drew attention to the mysterious deaths of other holistic doctors, while imploring viewers to share the video to “stop these murders.”

Effective, natural treatment explained

She notes that if, as a healer, she and others cannot even discuss the potential health value of “an apricot kernel” or “an apple seed,” then no one can then say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”—a traditional reference to a better diet being a means of staying healthier.

Because of her repression over an alternative form of health care, “there is no freedom of speech anymore,” she said, adding that the number of holistic doctors who have been murdered is now “too many to count” (as we have reported).

She said that she, too, is being threatened “yet again,” though she’s continuing her work for at least as long as she can.

Jewell is a promoter of a little-known GcMAF treatment, which she says on her website is a natural treatment that does not produce side effects (unlike chemotherapy, which kills scores every year).

The body can make essential GcMAF protein to naturally destroy cancer cells, and does so on a daily basis. Her treatment is outlined here.







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Thank you for a revolutionary year throughout 2016… Here’s why 2017 may be the most astonishing (and dangerous) year of our lives /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-thank-you-for-revolutionary-year-2016-2017-astonishing-year-expanded-consciousness-health-ranger.html /mindbodyscience/2016-12-28-thank-you-for-revolutionary-year-2016-2017-astonishing-year-expanded-consciousness-health-ranger.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 As we approach the end of 2016, we have all shared extraordinary successes, breakthroughs and revolutionary realizations that have reshaped human history. It has been a vibrant journey to share 2016 with all of you, and I want to thank you for your support, your comments, your suggestions and your advocacy of our mission. Without your support, this website would not exist, and society would suffer the loss of an important dissenting voice as a result.

2016 was a year when the corrupt establishment realized they could be defeated by passionate people calling out for real change. From the BREXIT vote in the UK to the rejection of the deep corruption of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, people everywhere voted to overthrow the corrupt establishment and choose something radically different for human society.

All of us have been instrumental in seeing these changes take place. With your help, we all made a lasting difference. We helped defeat the evil Clinton machine while exposing the “fake news” lies of CNN, the Washington Post, NYT, MSNBC and all the other propagandists who pretend to be engaged in journalism.

In response, the Empire is determined to strike back. Fakebook has now appointed a cabal of actual whores at SNOPES to censor independent journalism by labeling it “fake news.” India’s financial minister has all but outlawed large denominations of cash currency, thrusting the entire nation into financial chaos as part of a plan to exercise police state control over citizens’ financial transactions. Germany is launching an actual Ministry of Truth to silence dissent, and the Obama subversion machine has announced a wholly fabricated scheme to “punish” Russia for its so-called “election interference” … but it’s actually a thinly veiled attempt to start World War III before Trump gets inaugurated on January 20.

Everywhere you turn, the globalist establishment is operating in panic mode to control financial markets, manipulate public opinion, override common sense and silence the truth in all its forms.

This can only mean we are close to achieving their defeat

We now stand on the verge of a global revolution in freedom and transparency that could make the entire globalist system of subterfuge, collusion and conspiracy all but obsolete. And you have a front row seat to all the action!

Great heroes of humanity like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Sharyl Attkisson have helped make this happen. Champions of journalistic freedom like Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept have accelerated this trend, and I hope you agree that we here at the Natural News network have made meaningful contributions in the same direction.

Truly remarkable movies have also gained recognition this year while waking people up by the millions to the shocking matrix in which they’ve been living. If I were to name the three most important films that gained traction in 2016, they would be:

The Big Short

Snowden (by Oliver Stone)

Boom Bust Boom

As more and more truth keeps coming out about really big issues — the massive global scandal of central banks and the Federal Reserve; the great harm caused to millions of children by vaccines; the massive “treatment” scam of the corrupt cancer industry; the total political corruption of the DNC and the Clinton mafia machine; the fake news propaganda of the “mainstream” media; the George Soros agenda to initiate a race war in America; the Barack Obama “sleeper cell” KGB subversion agenda to dismantle America; the total quack science hoax of man-made global warming; the Common Core agenda to teach our children false history — the appetite for even more truth just keeps accelerating. People have been fed lie after lie for so long that they’re now starving for truthful, honest information on every topic imaginable.

That’s our mission for 2017 and beyond: With your help, we are continuing to expand our content reach while scaling up our news operation to replace the imploding left-wing “fakestream” media.

Some of our plans to help expand human knowledge and consciousness

In 2017, we are launching a live daily news video broadcast. We’re releasing a documentary film. We’re launching dozens of new websites targeted to specific news themes (such as Enviro.news, which focuses on environmental news). We’re even expanding our in-house laboratory with robotic automation to test more samples with greater throughput, allowing us to publish more lab results for off-the-shelf products.

We’re hiring new writers, editors and logistics coordinators. We’re expanding our facilities to speed production and fulfillment times, and we’re expanding our range of lab-validated, super clean products offered through the Health Ranger Store.

Our goal is to bring you expanded awareness, critical thinking and intelligent analysis of world events. In doing so, we naturally seek to expose the corruption and criminality found in nearly every institution (medicine, media, government, education, etc.).

In pursuing all this, we face powerful and dangerous enemies of truth who are steeped in lies, deception and corruption. The entire left-wing media is an enemy of truth, and it’s joined by right-leaning organizations (such as Monsanto) which are also steeped in deep-rooted evil. The road won’t be easy, but as we expose and dis-empower these evil actors in modern society, we find purpose and meaning in our own lives. And that’s mostly why we keep doing what we’re doing… because it matters.

With your support, 2017 stands to be the most extraordinary year we’ve ever shared together… but it will also be the most treacherous for us all. The globalists are on the verge of criminalizing cash. The police state surveillance of private citizens has never been more intense. The global banking cartels are right now plotting a major market crash and debt collapse in order to blame Donald Trump for the ensuing financial turmoil. 2017 may be the year when the banks freeze all our accounts and transactions. Independent journalism websites like NaturalNews may be targeted for extreme censorship. Many patriots like myself may face unprecedented escalations of death threats and attempted acts of violence against us.

Yet none of these are sufficient reasons to stop marching forward for truth, transparency and the creation of a more free society for everyone. We must face tremendous evil head on… and then defeat it. Otherwise, we will never know truth, freedom and real contentment in our lives.

Recognize you are participating in a spiritual battle of good vs. evil

That’s why I invite you to continue on this journey with me throughout 2017 and beyond. All I need is your continued support of the Health Ranger Store and its 600+ high-end products (with more being added every month). With your continued support, I will continue fighting to challenge the status quo, expose the lies and tell the truth on every subject that matters, from medicine to politics to consciousness.

I thank you for your trust in me, your dedication to our shared mission, and your tolerance of those times when I get too distracted by current events and fail to focus on the bigger long-term picture. My sincere hope and intention is that, throughout 2017, you and I achieve a far greater degree of self-reliance, insulation against financial disasters, and increased awakening of others around us who have slumbered for far too long in fairy tale land.

The time for humanity to fully awaken is now upon us. Yes, it means facing some disturbing realizations about the true nature of the deep evil that infests our society. From the pizza parlors in our nation’s capitol (that don’t actually serve pizza, if you know what I mean), to the Satanic worship across Hollywood and the pop culture elite, I hope that 2017 is the year in which evil gets exposed and then destroyed across every sector of our society.

It is time that we recognized the true nature of the epic battle between good and evil playing out before us… and embraced our roles in fighting on the side of truth to defeat deception. These are divinely inspired goals for our time, and they can empower us to keep moving forward, even when we are bombarded by lies, smears and the politics of personal destruction.

Never surrender to the obedient masses. Never give in to the evil that infests our sick culture. Never look at a living human infant and tell yourself it’s okay to chop that baby into pieces to be harvested for “science.” Draw the line with strong ethical and moral boundaries. Reject seduction, conformity and self-destruction. Invest in your knowledge, your health and your awareness, and you will be richly rewarded in 2017.

Trust in your expanded consciousness and critical thinking… do NOT worship any human

Finally, do not ever surrender your dignity to any “guru” or “leader” or any cult of personality. Believe in yourself and your God… do not be deceived into worshiping any human being or the ground upon which they walk. Reject cultism in all its forms, including political cultism, religious cultism and guru worship. Do not ever fall for the false belief that you must be directed by someone else in order to find your higher truth. False prophets abound. Many seem incredibly convincing. Most are complete frauds. Be wary of false prophets. Seek truth in Mother Nature, God and the divine. Only in those realms will you be presented with genuine truth, untainted by the selfish whims and thirst for power found among too many humans.

For the last eight years, many Americans have worshiped pure evil in the White House. Catholics have been deceived by their Pope. Healing arts practitioners have been suckered into following many false prophets. Techno-cultists have been suckered into believing that technology is their God. All of these have been convincing but false illusions.

My most important job, in fact, is to dispel the illusions that still infect your consciousness. Whether the subject is health, politics, history or science, my real aim is to help you break free from the false programming by which you’ve been indoctrinated. It’s really that simple. At the end of the day, my aim is that you can see the world with perfect clarity, completely on your own, without any analysis or interpretation needed from anyone else (including me).

In essence, when I achieve my most important goal in all this, I will be obsolete and irrelevant because the things I write will have already been obvious to you before I even wrote them.

That, my friends, is the ultimate success as a writer and teacher. It is not to make you depend on any of my words, suggestions or influences, but rather to see you to the day where you no longer need anything I can offer because it’s already obvious to you via your own mental faculties and expanded awareness.

Hence, my real goal for the rest of my life is to render my work here increasingly irrelevant; an extinct throwback to an era in which truth was punished and deceptions were celebrated by a twisted society that has long since ceased to exist. Sadly, I doubt I will live long enough to see that day arrive, which means it’s up to YOU to carry the torch and help awaken others at every step of your journey. There is much work to be done, and achieving it will require partnership among all truth tellers.

That’s why when you find the truth on any important topic, the most important thing you can do is share it with others.

Join our Diaspora social network to experience a completely uncensored sharing platform controlled by We the People rather than deceptive globalists. You’ll find it at Share.NaturalNews.com

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Power of love: Cuddling babies ‘kangaroo style’ helps them develop better social skills, longevity /mindbodyscience/2016-12-22-power-of-love-cuddling-babies-kangaroo-style-helps-them-develop-better-social-skills-longevity.html /mindbodyscience/2016-12-22-power-of-love-cuddling-babies-kangaroo-style-helps-them-develop-better-social-skills-longevity.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 New research has shown that small and premature babies who receive what is called “kangaroo mother care” tend to live longer and experience fewer social problems as they mature compared to those kept in an incubator.

Kangaroo-style mothering involves breastfeeding and holding an infant upright against the mother’s bare skin, an approach first documented in Colombia.

From The Guardian:

“The kangaroo method involves the baby nestling in a ‘kangaroo’ position on the caregiver’s chest as soon as possible after birth, accompanied by exclusive breastfeeding. Parent and child leave the hospital together as soon as possible after birth, after which there is rigorous monitoring of baby and mother for one year after the infant’s original due date (rather than the actual birth date).”

A newly released follow-up study was conducted by the same team of experts who first showed that the kangaroo method is safe.

The study, published December 12 in the journal Pediatrics, involved 441 of 716 Colombian children born prematurely between 1993 and 1996 who were randomly assigned either the kangaroo method or “standard handling” involving the use of an incubator.

Two decades later, benefits of kangaroo mother care still evident in subjects of study

Twenty years later, the researchers found that of the 441 subjects from the original study they were able to track down and re-enroll in the new phase of the research, the children who received kangaroo mother care (KMC) fared much better in the long run in terms of longevity, income and social integration.

From the report:

“The effects of KMC at 1 year on IQ and home environment were still present 20 years later in the most fragile individuals, and KMC parents were more protective and nurturing. …

“At 20 years, the young ex-kangaroo mother care participants, especially in the poorest families, had less aggressive drive and were less impulsive and hyperactive. They exhibited less antisocial behavior, which might be associated with separation from the mother at birth.”

The team suggested that practicing kangaroo mother care may encourage under-educated mothers to be more sensitive to a child’s needs, helping to make their situation more equivalent to that of mothers in “more favorable environments.”

In fact, the results of the study and the overall success of kangaroo mother care over the past couple of decades have led experts to the conclusion that the method can be used “in all settings,” not just in communities where standard pediatric care may be scarce or unavailable.

Even those living in developed nations who have access to modern healthcare may benefit from kangaroo mother care. Some parents who may be afraid that their prematurely-born children might be safer in an incubator could find the results of the study to be reassuring.

Kangaroo mother care ‘more than an alternative’ to incubator care

Pediatrics experts who support the concept say that kangaroo mother care can be considered “more than an alternative” to standard incubator care.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 20 million low birth weight babies are born every year across the globe, and the United States has one of the highest premature and low-weight birth rates in the world.

High-tech care for premature and low-weight babies is useful in many cases, but the WHO recommends utilizing both modern healthcare technology and the “simpler, low-tech approach” – and in poorer areas often only the latter.

The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this research is something most of us already know: There’s no substitute for a mother’s love, and that love can only truly be expressed and received through intimate skin-to-skin contact and direct nurturing.

This type of close contact is beneficial not only for the child, but for the mother as well, as the study has indicated. High-tech medical care has its place, but it can never replace the crucial developmental stimuli that only a loving mother can provide.





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Study: Secret to being happy includes good mental health and healthy relationship status /mindbodyscience/2016-12-22-study-secret-to-being-happy-includes-good-mental-health-and-a-good-relationship-status.html /mindbodyscience/2016-12-22-study-secret-to-being-happy-includes-good-mental-health-and-a-good-relationship-status.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Many people devote their lives to pursuits they believe will help them feel happy, whether it’s financial security, career success or cultivating family relationships. Some of us think that if only we could just snag that promotion, ace that exam or buy the latest smartphone, we’d finally feel good. If you fall into this category, you might want to take a look at a new study out of the London School of Economics. Researchers there found that material wealth actually does not have much of an effect on a person’s overall level of happiness.

The study looked at responses from more than 200,000 people from the UK, US, Australia and Germany to questions about the elements of their lifestyle that impact their happiness the most. They found that the biggest influence by a wide margin was mental health; anxiety and depression were behind 20 percent of the variations in people’s satisfaction with their lives. Another factor that had a significant effect on happiness was having a partner.

Income, on the other hand, only accounted for just shy of 2 percent of the overall variance. The researchers explained that people evaluate their income against the norm in their area, which is why overall income increases do not have much effect on the population’s overall happiness. In the four countries studied, average happiness has not risen since the records began, even though the living standards in these places have improved significantly.

Eliminating depression and anxiety

In fact, the researchers calculated that eliminating anxiety and depression would actually curb people’s misery by 20 percent, whereas increasing everyone’s income to at least the 20th percentile of the nation’s average income would only reduce misery by 5 percent. While getting rid of anxiety and depression entirely is not possible, there are some steps people can take to help control these feelings.

Yoga is one good way for people to cope with depression and anxiety. Exercise can also help reduce the symptoms of depression. Eliminating unhealthy food from your diet is another good approach, with studies finding that people who eat fried food, fast food and commercial baked goods have a 51 percent higher likelihood of developing depression when compared to those who do not eat such foods. Other hidden toxins in these foods could also adversely impact mental health.

These are much better options than antidepressants, which carry many undesirable side effects that range from nuisances like headaches to serious issues like an increased risk of suicide. Most of them have also been shown to work no better than a placebo, which means natural remedies are not only safer than these drugs, but also tend to be more effective.

How childhood experiences impact adult happiness

The researchers also examined how a person’s experiences as a child impacted their happiness as an adult. They found that emotional health as a child played a far bigger role than the financial resources of a child’s family. As a matter of fact, this was the biggest determinant of one’s well-being as they get older. Schools had a big effect on the emotional health of children as well.

They also discovered that it was not economic growth but the general population’s life satisfaction that was the single strongest predictor of European election outcomes since the ‘70s. The authors hope that these results will influence policymakers to focus on what they feel really matters, which is people’s happiness.

Study author Lord Richard Layard said, “In the past, the state has successively taken on poverty, unemployment, education and physical health. But equally important now are domestic violence, alcoholism, depression and anxiety conditions, alienated youth, exam-mania and much else. These should become centre stage.”

Sources include:






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