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03/02/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

Binge eating is said to have its origins in psychological disturbances. Binge eaters seek comfort in food when all else

03/01/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

It is no more surprising that creative visualizations can make your dreams come true than it is that clouds can

02/29/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

Being and feeling a part of a close-knit social network is crucial for a persons health and wellbeing, say research

02/23/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

Manipura is the third of the seven chakras  – i:e: at the navel center and relates to power, action, willpower,

02/22/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

The presence of gut bacteria improve a persons health. This is not news. They become conspicuous by their absence because

02/19/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

Migraine headaches are caused by inflammation of nerve endings, as a result of blood vessels in the brain swelling up.

02/18/2016 / By Nanditha Ram

Bipolar disorder is gaining ground worldwide and can often go undetected. According to statistics, it is the sixth leading cause

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